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Ingénierie des Systèmes d'Information

Networking and Information Systems
Revue des sciences et technologies de l'information
Nouvel éditeur en 2019

A work-related learning project for energy efficiency evaluation and indoor comfort of school buildings
Paola LASSANDRO, Marina ZONNO - pp.7-27
LS-SVM approach for modeling the growthe kinetics of FeB and Fe2B layers formed on Armco iron
Bendaoud MEBAREK, Mourad KEDDAM, Hicham ABOSHIGHIBA - pp.29-41
Geological logging of tunnel surrounding rock based on multi-view geometry and image stitching
Zhuang XIE, Zhiheng ZHU, Jinyang FU, Junsheng YANG, Bin PENG - pp.43-59
Reduction of real power loss by white male deer mating based optimization algorithm
Lenin KANAGASABAI - pp.61-68
Localization accuracy of farmland wireless sensor network localization algorithm based on received signal strength indicator
Yisheng MIAO, Huarui WU, Huaji ZHU, Yuling SONG - pp.69-80
Reputation based online product recommendations
Chiranjeevi PANDI, Teja SANTOSH DANDIBHOTLA, Vishnu VARDHAN BULUSU - pp.81-103
Study on the impacts of urban network evolution on urban wind and heat environment based on improved genetic algorithm
Bohong ZHENG, Yanfen ZHONG - pp.105-119
A new weighted based frequent and infrequent pattern mining method on realtime E-commerce
Thulasi BIKKU - pp.121-138
A hybrid collaborative filtering model with context and folksonomy for social recommendation
Xiaoyi DENG, C. WANG - pp.139-157
Design and implementation of intelligent travel recommendation system based on internet of things
Y. LI - pp.159-173
Product design methodology applied in developing a liquid petroleum gas level indicator using android technology
Vishwas MAHESH, Vinyas MAHESH, Ishwarkumar TEGGI, Arpit BANSAL, S. MANJESH - pp.175-184
Design and application of a wavelet neural network program for evaluation of goodwill value in corporate intellectual capital
Bei YUAN, Fusheng WANG, Di BAO - pp.185-200
Mining user actions with fuzzy related data security conviction in cloud computing
Alapati NARESH, Salman ALI SYED, B.V.V.S. PRASAD - pp.201-212
Secure key management in cloud environment using quantum cryptography
Kranthi KUMAR SINGAMANENI, Pasala. SANYASI NAIDU - pp.213-222
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